Death Metal for the Teenage Soul

by Deathdealer.

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We recorded this track for a new comp put out by our best buds over at Heads Up Records. The comp features tracks from lots of our close friends, so go check it out.


I guess I'm over thinking everything,
and the way shit used to be.
Or how I piss and moan and what I can't control, as if I'm bracing for defeat.

Still trying to make sense of growing up.
Feigning hopefulness, and telling myself that I've learned enough
to stay grounded in a city that's growing cold.
When we turn the clocks back, I always lose my grip and self control.

How can I grow to accept life's mediocrity?
Should I be satisfied with betraying all that's close to me?

How could it be that I'm dead to me?

My parents keep on asking me what I plan to become because I've spent my fucking youth under a microscope of expectation.
I'm running out of time to choose a meaningless career so I can give away my life and wait to die year after fucking year.

Threw cash inside my rabbit hole, to further down my spiral.
I'm falling back down, this isn't what I planned.
Traded in my friends to find a way of making ends.
Staying in, hour after hour, year after year and I'm still feeling like a coward.

I feel like there's nothing left to lose.

Maybe one day I'll just accept my fate.
Who knew that 21 would feel this way?


released 04 February 2014
Guest vocals by Greg Cook (of Lovechild)
Produced by deathdealer. and Mike Moschetto
Recorded December 2013 at The Office Recording
(North Andover, MA)
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Moschetto
Guest vocals recorded by Zach Weeks at Little Boiz Playroom :)
Mastered by Nick Steinborn



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