Tragically Human State

by Deathdealer.

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This album is dedicated in loving memory to Perry Maltese. Rest in Power, XPX.

Available on hella limited cassette tapes from Funeral Sounds and Have Fun Records:


released September 12, 2015

deathdealer. is:
Dave Vitola - Bass and vocals
Dalton Patton - Drums and vocals.

Recorded April 2015 at The Office Recording (North Andover, MA)
Engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by Mike Moschetto

Guest vocals on track 8 by TJ Copello of Aviator

Album art by Dalton Patton

Extra special thanx to Thieves Grotto Collective, Aviator, Grower, Heads Up Records, James Palko, Nick Osbourne, Chris Marshall, John Snyder, Peter Blanchet, Dick Steele, and any other human beings that book our band, play with our band, and let us crash at their home.



all rights reserved


Deathdealer. Boston, Massachusetts

We are two best friends playing basement-punk in Boston.

Dave V: bass and vocals.

Dalton P: Drums and vocals.

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Track Name: Rat's Nest
My head is fucking spinning
I can’t replace lost time
It’s like the last four years came and went
without the decency to say goodbye
When I search for meaning inside this constant mental compromise
I’m trying not to take for granted the fleeting nights I fucking feel alive

The same places keep on calling me back again
At least I left my guts on the floor of the basement
The tenants cycle through but the rats live on
Sometimes I wonder if they’ll ever patch the hole that I punched through the wall

There’s a piece of me forever missing

There’s a piece of me forever wishing my key would still open the door
This is not home anymore
The potholes and street signs erase from my mind
So I guess this is me saying goodbye

The threads of time are fragile and frayed and my feeling of comfort has melted away

I really wish it could have stayed
I really wish we could have stayed
Track Name: Die, Meathead Scum
Look at yourself

Tell me why you treat ignorance with pride
Elitist macho culture that I just can’t understand
Are you here to fucking dance or are you here to watch the band?
Die, meathead scum

Think for yourself

What the fuck are you trying to prove?

Pummeling the crowd in a misogynistic rage
Regurgitate clichés with every single thing you say
All your insecurities you publically display
A meathead with a microphone is leading you astray

Speak for yourself
It’s not a fucking contest.
Track Name: Ancient Terror
Lies once hidden by the night
become clear when I tear out your eyes
So now I’ll replace mine, to see inside your mind
I’ll take just one more life, then I’ll be satisfied
Forever ostracized

Dying beats living when you’re plagued with a curse
To suck up all the pain of your worst enemies
It makes the shame feel so much worse

My rotting flesh and broken heart wither away with time
And as the ages slipped away, I watched my friends and family die
Now all that’s left for me is this burning in my chest
To feed this evil from an ancient past so I can lay myself to rest

Preying on the souls of criminals preserves my body
But in the end it’s really me who’s slowly dying

I am the sum of those who I condemn,
Casting judgment on the lives of evil men

So as you’re staring at the beckoning sky,
Try not to think about what’s on the other side
They say in death you gain new purpose in life.
Track Name: Existential Dread
Spending an eternity
Tangled in uncertainty
Questioning priorities
Just to make myself believe
That I’m moving forward

Broken thoughts without resolution,
Suspended in time

I feel like my youth has run its course
Not that I’m staring out the window,
Trapped in remorse

Not a single fucking prospect for stability
As these thoughts close in around me
Spread so thin between these words I can’t remember writing

I’m spending every night treading through reasons why
I’ve become to jaded, always dissatisfied
I’m sick of places that I’ve never been,
Let down again
I can feel my fear of failure eating at my ambition

I keep trying and failing and fighting in vain
Draining myself until nothing remains
Trying and failing and fighting in vain
I just can’t make a change.
Track Name: Scatter Brain
I cannot seem to tame my swirling thoughts, like a blender
Delusions of sobriety have slowly expired
Stifled with my head underwater
Stumbling toward certain disaster
Like a lamb to a slaughter

I can remember a time before the sprawling confusion,
Confinement seemed so far way
It’s not the black and white, but the grey in between
That’s pulling the ground out from under my feet
Sometimes I even forget just what city I’m in
And then my thoughts pull apart, creating loose ends
And the boy I once was is becoming a man
Condemned to a world that I can’t understand

This whole routine is fucking rotting my brain
I need a change to knock some sense into me
Stuck in a maze without the means to escape
A racing mind will keep you fucking enslaved.
Track Name: Fuck Up
Thrown into life, cold and inept
Afraid to follow in my father’s footsteps
You’re overeducated, under qualified, and scared
You gotta pull your weight, so put this on your fucking resume

They said, “Just follow your dreams, but don’t forget that you’ve got to make ends meet.”
A whole generation that won’t amount to anything
But I’m too young to die
I don’t want to work a 9 to 5
I won’t have my soul sucked out from the inside
Wasting away, what am I doing here?

I don’t want to be like them, so I guess I’m just a fuck up
I’ll never be like them, so I might as well give up.
Track Name: Culprit
I’ve been shut in for months on end
Always confined by my restlessness
My body is weak, but my mind grows strong
I’ve seen the blood and broken bone, so now it won’t be long
Before the truth begins to show
What kind of monster could do something so awful?
During your life you were a stranger to me,
But my obsession with your death makes you my family

This appears to be a most unusual crime
But you can read in the headlines, some things just don’t align
Could he have slipped through the cracks in the walls?
Fearing everything or nothing at all?
But by the welts on her throat, I wonder if this could have been a man at all

Day after day, I feel my patience and hope slip away
And as I lay awake, darkness sets in and then it comes to me

The strength it would take to dismember the bodies,
the hair on the carpet was matted with filth
So reckless and rabid, and lacking a motive
I find myself looking for tracks in the woods

Now I’m face to face with my nightmare
But if I die I will die in peace.
Track Name: Stay Awake. Stay Alive.
No safety, nowhere to hide
It’s chasing my demise

A new breed of paranoia has its hands around my neck
But you would never understand
The way it stalks and feeds on consciousness
I’ll put my back against the ocean
I am a deer in headlights,
Devoid of hope and petrified
A distant voice convinces me
If I can stay awake, then I can stay alive

A room of strangers, each one of them is watching me
I cannot separate my friends from my enemies
Primal desires took hold of me
If I could do it all again, I would have maintained my purity
No matter where I turn, it always seems to follow

There is no escape, so just pass it on
It cannot be stopped, so just pass it on
You’ll share in my pain, till you pass it on
I can’t fucking do this alone

It’s been days and days, now lost,
It doesn’t even falter
I can’t tell if you’re in my head,
or if you’re standing over my shoulder
I can’t tell the days apart,
It doesn’t even matter
Because sleep is closing in on me,
I guess I’ll just surrender.
Track Name: Wage Slave
Damaged, wasted, hopeless
You cannot sustain
Captive, static mindset
Lost and betrayed

By giving in, you’re losing sight of what’s important
But with every paycheck comes another disappointment

Can you honestly say that you’re content with what you see?
Meeting their standards and going in circles,
Striving for normality

Live your life believing in the lie
That money means success and your worth is what you buy
Clip your own wings by succumbing to the debt
You instantly incur on the day you leave the nest

Now you’re the one who barks the orders, but soon you’ll realize
You never should have been so self-righteous
Take only what you need to survive

Land of the free, home of the brave
Try being fucking free on minimum wage.
Track Name: Tragically Human State
I hide, as the fiction eclipses my life
In trying times, I always find solace when I fantasize

Eyes fixed on the flickering screen,
To shut out this dull reality
Dark days, I can overlook
Swimming through the ink on the pages of a book

I always thought there’d be something more
Than this Tragically Human State
But I’ve realized, that if my body’s just a vessel then I’ll cast it away

Half alive, trapped inside

I’ll let the fiction in to shut the sadness out,
And I’ll replace this life with something more profound

I’ll let the fiction in to shut the boredom out,
And I will chase this lie beyond the slightest doubt

I’ll keep this lie alive until the night runs out
And I will run away until my legs give out.