Grower​/​Deathdealer Split Cassette

by Deathdealer.

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released May 23, 2013

Produced by deathdealer. and Mike Moschetto
Recorded April 2013 at The Office Recording
(North Andover, MA)
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Moschetto
Mastered by Nick Steinborn



all rights reserved


Deathdealer. Boston, Massachusetts

We are two best friends playing basement-punk in Boston.

Dave V: bass and vocals.

Dalton P: Drums and vocals.

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Track Name: Identity Crisis
Swallowed by apathy
Stuck with this growing disease
I've been living with rats and garbage
I need some kind of release

Hopeless identity crisis
please tell me who I should be
jumbled conversation always reminds me
I am hopeless and lost in this city
I can't decide If I am feeling homesick
Or if I'm empty from the lack of a dream
Please don't ask about my future endeavors
My goals are dead a buried with my self esteem

What the fuck is wrong with me?
Bring me some pills, a self-help book, and a shrink
Rid me of responsibility
If there's a God up there, there must be some way to fix me

The path ahead of me (its fading away)
It doesn't mean anything
I'm honestly glad you've come to your senses in making the choice to give up on me.
Track Name: The Promise (Don't Forget)
I wanted to be there
I wanted to change things
I wanted to be alright
But my hopeless obsession was endlessly growing
I'm sorry I lost my mind

Notice me

I'll ring your phone and scream your name to try to pacify my inner flame
But after all, I know it's not your fault

What's it mean to want what you can't have?
It's much more than just a waste of time
I just thought that you should know
You are always on my mind
I'm not sure if i can make you happy
But I promise if you let me try
I can mend all your broken bone
and be the ghost that keeps you up at night

"Don't be afraid." That's all she said to me
I know we're all alone, but you shouldn't be afraid to die
I wasn't getting better, so I'm sorry that I lost my drive
But if you give me just one chance maybe I can keep my heart alive
This world of spirits is more than I can take
My former self lies dead rotting at the bottom of the lake

I'm starting to realize I'm stuck in a cycle, condemned to the other side
Can't make a connection with you now that I'm dead so I'm fucking terrified

I understand it's more than confusing
I've moved on but I still love you so
All I can say is that I hope you remember
What you told me all those years ago

You've got one foot in the grave
So why not just go all the way?
Kick out the chair
Don't forget what you promised me

A broken neck or drowning lungs can't hold us back from our eternal love.