by Deathdealer.

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released November 23, 2012

deathdealer. is:
Dave Vitola - Bass and vocals
Dalton Patton - Drums and vocals.

Special thanks to our best friend Peter Blanchet of Rena Surrenders for guest vocals on "I'll Never Get Better."

Produced by deathdealer. and Mike Moschetto
Recorded October 2012 at The Office Recording
(North Andover, MA)
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Moschetto
Mastered by Nick Steinborn

Album cover photo by Mike Rak



all rights reserved


Deathdealer. Boston, Massachusetts

We are two best friends playing basement-punk in Boston.

Dave V: bass and vocals.

Dalton P: Drums and vocals.

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Track Name: Two Against the World
two against the world.
Track Name: Ledge Hill
I'd like to think we're doing fine
but we're getting older and wasting time
we've got severed hearts and we're trying not to bleed out

My shoulders have been tense for a year
my shadow makes me jump and I go to bed in tears
It's going to take three listens through of "The Upsides"
to stop my mind from racing

Then I think back
broken hearts, black eyes, and D.U.I.s
its a wonder that we made it through the summer alive

We're all growing old
and getting cold

We don't need you to tell us who we are

I won't forget you if you'll stay by my side
I know it hurts to be alone
so with my blood I'll sign this oath

It's us against the world
those odds sound good to me.
Track Name: You're So Ugly
I don't give a fuck if you listen to Death Cab For Cutie or The Strokes
you're so ugly inside and out

Letting you into my life was my biggest mistake
not like I really knew you or anything
so keep saying your prayers cause you belong down on your knees
you're a fucking sheep

Take back all the time I spent righting your wrongs and selling myself short
break ties and start a whole new life without you draining my pride

All my love was not enough the day you turned your back and broke my trust
even when I try so hard our love always fails
you're just as fucking fake as your hair and your nails
though its been a bloody mess I'm glad that you're gone
I haven't been this free from your disease on so long

I don't want to hear about the club scene in New York City or your cat
you're so ugly, you know it's true
it's no surprise that I feel seasick when I look at you.
Track Name: Born With a Fever
Make up your mind, this is sink or swim
help me get through this

My heart is sick and I can't stop shaking
my heart is beating far too fast
maybe this is just what I deserve
all the lies i told
all the lies.

Break me or take me away
one last chance
I am so afraid

And I hope this isn't my last goodbye
I know I've been through harder times

You owe me a fucking explanation
look me in the eye and say that you lied

Cause baby I was born with a fever
fucking born with a fever.
Track Name: Ghost Stalker
Sometimes I can't hold still
I lie awake at night
and sometimes get the creeps
it can't be in my mind

If no one will believe me I will take you on myself

This is my way of showing you that I'm not fucking scared of you

But it hurts (the pain)
oh it hurts (the pain)
when no one takes my word

It's hard not to be an asshole when all your friends are fucking dead
but they should have taken notice to the ghost under my bed

It's too late
I should have called Bill Murray

They're taking me away
they say to a better place
I'll leave this ghost behind.
Track Name: Evel's Last Ride
freezing time
do or die
clouded mind
mortal fright

I'll take flight, and although I'm scared
my only enemy is death himself
God damn, I want this so bad
I'll never quit

You can catch me if I fall
I want you to notice
we can mend my broken jaw
tell my wife I'll be just fine

Men can't fly, and sometimes it's hard
it beats robbing banks
I could use a liver transplant
or even a drink

I chose this life
I won't breathe carbon dioxide

last ride
we'll make it out alright
last ride
we'll make it out just fine
let's fucking make it count
Track Name: Fuck Dave Matthews
Track Name: Spit Out My Tongue
Kick me while I'm down
why me?

Cause I tried to make things right for you and I
trust me, I should have listened to all my friends
you're a fucking waste of time

We're all fucking cheaters and liars and bastards
we're all hopelessly torn and tragically broken
but you seem to get pleasure from my pain
like salting my wounds with all the salt in the ocean

When life gives me shit
I'll always blame you for it

Spit out my tongue
I cannot bite it anymore
cough out my lungs
my face is numb and my back is sore
cause I loved you enough to never speak to you again
I'm sorry dear, this means the end

Did you really mean to break my heart?
did you ever think to say "I'm sorry"
and now that everything's fallen apart
did you really mean to break my heart?

The hardest part about never burning bridges is crossing them over and over
mark my words
you want me to tell you I miss you?
you'll have better luck choking on a pistol.
Track Name: I'll Never Get Better
It's hard to beat the odds
when all you know is constant pain
so now we spend our lives waiting
looking for an answer or some kind of change

This is the reason why I still breathe

It's the constant feeling we're not alright
it's fucking bleeding through in the songs we write
the center of the earth is always pulling me down
it won't get much lighter when the winter comes around
I'll pack my things and find a place to stay
I didn't really like it here anyway
I'll give you a phone call, or write you a letter
I'm sick, yes I'm sick, and I'll never get better

I'm still trying to forget last year
your picture is worth a thousand tears

Please tell me why I can't sleep at night
the night is so cold

The feeling I get when I wish the day would end
but my eyes won't stay shut for a second
My body is not worth a damn
much less my mind
but i can't convince my inner self to rest

Where is my sandman?
we're not so well acquainted anymore
and when my bed starts to burn I will sleep on the floor
burning out.